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CCI is the UK's leading business interruption specialist.

Corporate Claims International Ltd (CCI) is the UK's leading Business Interruption specialist and a founding member of the Claims Standards Federation.

For 40 years, our expert accountants have been helping businesses all over the world to recover fully from the effects of major disruption, from fires and floods to compulsory purchase and legal disputes.

No-one knows more about consequential loss than CCI. And because we operate in most instances on a no-win, no-fee basis, no-one offers more to businesses seeking professional assistance to manage complex commercial claims.

When we say we are the claimant's champion, we're everything we claim.

Corporate Insurance Claims

When the baking department of a biscuit manufacturer was destroyed by fire, the loss of 12 large baking ovens brought production to a complete standstill. Even though their insurance policy covered the replacement of these ovens, a substantial loss of business still loomed.


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